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Wines pairing for Easter Celebration

Friends and families all over the world celebrate Easter. However, the celebration varies by country and cultural background, with many different traditions and dishes involved.  Salads, roasted meats such as lamb, beef, roasted chicken, pork, or honey-baked ham are some of the most popular dishes served on Easter Day. We will share with you the wine pairing options available that will undoubtedly complement your meal and impress your guest and their palates for your celebration this year, eliminating the need to go to restaurants to purchase quality wines. All wines are only available online at Marco's Cellar online shop or at specific restaurants where we distribute.   1. Easter Popular Chocolate eggs Trofeo Appassimento Veneto Igt  NEW ARRIVAL Amapola Creek Zinfandel Cimicky Hidden Gem Shiraz Alfa Crux Xtra Malbec 2. Deviled Eggs Le Cirque Grenache Gris  POPULAR La Vigilia Pinot Grigio Doc Venezie  NEW ARRIVAL Catalina Sounds Sauvignon Blanc Nanny Goat Vineyard Pinot Noir  POPULAR  Super Nanny Pinot Noir   3. Quiche Lorraine Maschio Dei Cavalieri Prosecco Nv  POPULAR Domaine Pierre Naigeon Macon Vergisson Terras Gauda La Mar Heraclio Alfaro Crianza Domaine Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grains La Riotte   4. Hot Cross Buns Terras Gauda White  POPULAR Domaine Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne Aligote La Mouille  POPULAR Urban Cabernet Franc   5. Salads Domaine Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne Aligote La Mouille  POPULAR Nanny Goat Vineyard Pinot Noir  POPULAR Domaine Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne Les Maladieres   6. Toasts Terras Gauda White, Le Cirque Blanc  POPULAR Tenuta Di Nozzole Chianti Classico Docg  NEW ARRIVAL Tenute Folonari 'B.S.T.' Sangiovese  NEW ARRIVAL   7. Roasted Meats Roast Beef Beta Crux Alfa Crux Tenuta La Fuga Brunello Di Montalcino Docg  NEW ARRIVAL Tenuta Di Nozzole 'La Forra' Chianti Classico Riserva Docg Château Comte Segur Aop Bordeau, Silex Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Jupiter Adrastee Roast Lamb Nanny Goat Vineyard Pinot Noir  POPULAR Domaine Pierre Naigeon Bourgogne Les Maladieres Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Hautes Brusquieres Châteauneuf-Du-Pape Cuvee Vieilles Vignes   We hope you have the best celebration this Easter!

BRION WINES is available in Singapore

We are very excited to announce that Marco’s Cellar is the exclusive distributor of BRION winery.  BRION wines are offered via mailing list only as their production average about 200+ cases per vineyard.     BRION, the flagship Napa Valley winery from Brion Wise, is dedicated to producing site-specific, terroir-driven Cabernet Sauvignon, expressed through a collection of small-lot, handcrafted wines from unique single-vineyard sites in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys – Yountville, Oakville, Coombsville and Moon Mountain.   The winemaking team is unique in that it is made up of three well-established winemakers – Julien Fayard, Ex-Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (Sleeping Lady Vineyard), Mark Herold, Ex-Joseph Phelps (Caldwell and Oakville Vineyards) and Massimo Monticelli, Ex-Silver Oak (Moon Mountain) – each focused on interpreting the individual vineyard sites that fall under their respective purviews.  Wise’s decision to pair winemakers with a specific vineyard site is rooted in his belief that great wine can only result from an intimate vintner relationship with the land.  Terroir includes the unique imprint of the winemaker, so matching the right vineyard with the right winemaking personality was a paramount factor in developing the BRION winemaking philosophy.    The vineyard team is anchored by Garrett Buckland and Larry Bettinelli. Ramiro Herrera, one of only a handful of “Master Coopers” in the world, oversees barrel making for the BRION wines.   These are the latest vintages that we are offering:   2018                                                                          Awards Obtain Oakville Ranch  Cabernet Sauvignon                    RP97 / JD99 Moon Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Caldwell Cabernet Sauvignon                                 RP96 / JD96+ Sleeping Lady Cabernet Sauvignon                        RP95 / JD95 Sleeping Lady Cabernet Franc (Inaugural)            *RP – Robert Parker, JD- Jeb Dunnuck   2015                                                                                                                         Sleeping Lady Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon Moon Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon Caldwell Cabernet Sauvignon   If you are interested in large quantities order, please contact Salessg@teckhuat.com. 

Cake and Wine and all that is in between.

  There is nothing like a good wine down after dinner or just sipping on a glass while having cake on a Sunday afternoon. I can just picture this, wine glass in the right hand, a slice of delicious red velvet chocolate cake lying square on your coffee table and you listening to some relaxing music as you feel your skin on your velvet chair. Everyone deserves some good cake and wine.   In the traditions of many weddings, birthdays, parties, gatherings, and family dinners, the concept of cake and wine is a must. In fact, there are so types of new cake flavours around as we experiment with various flavours that we cannot keep up on what is next. Think about it, whenever we toast to something, we always raise a glass of wine followed by a spoonful of delicious cream sponge or ganache flowing through your veins and into your belly. Here are some cakes that go well with wines. 1. Sugee Cake and Port Wine Eurasians love their Sugee (Semolina flour) cake and wine. There is always a mandatory toast at each wedding especially when a Eurasian is involved. Sugee Cake is a mix of semolina flour and almonds mixed into a batter topped off with Marzipan or icing. It is not completed with a glass of red wine or for some port wine. Some the practices include port wine mixed with a "Here here' segment instead of a more common Yum Seng. You can find stunning Sugee cakes at www.auntiepatskitchen.com or at www.quentins.com.sg for your dosage. 2. Fried Singapore Carrot Cake and Chilled Rosé Singapore's foodie paradise is filled with many surprises, a melting pot of cultures, and might we add, a melting pot for food. The white crispy carrot cake has a texture light to no other. I mean the crispy edges around the cake topped with the egg garnished with preserved vegetables and spring onion surprisingly pair well with chilled rosé. The spiciness of the chili happens to bring the fruitiness out of the wine. Talking about fruity wines, we have an excellent choice from the Mooiplaas Wine Estate. 3. Red Velvet and Pinot Noir Call it your best friend, call it your buddy, or even your lover. Red Velvet is love, Red Velvet is life! The romantic sweetness and colour of the cake smothered in cream cheese dressing has us drooling for another slice. Laura Burgess a sommelier from www.vivino.com proudly recommends a pinot noir to match the taste of a red velvet cake. It helps to accent the chocolate undertones in red velvet cake with cherry and berry flavours.  4. Chocolate Mooncakes and Red Wine. Just like an aphrodisiac, chocolate cake and red wine are paired together to make a perfect match. Come on, can you imagine the flavours dancing in harmony as you consume it? If you are in the Tanjong Pagar Area, get your mooncakes 15 minutes after you have placed your orders. Do not that it is only available until 6 pm from Monday to Friday.  Order your mooncakes from us today!  

Mid Autumn Festival: The power of chocolate and wine.

    Chocolate and Wine as an aphrodisiac Let’s face it! When the season of love comes about, there is no denying that chocolate and wine is a winner. Sitting down after a nice candlelight dinner and the mood for pleasure arises, nothing else can go wrong. Romance forms, meetings get going and deals get signed. That’s because they are both an aphrodisiac. Dr Lauri Wright a nutritionist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and associate professor at the University of North Florida, claims that foods like wine, chocolate and avocados increase blood flow. If you want to know more about aphrodisiacs, www.salon.com shares with you all that you need to know. Let’s Reflect Do we ever remember what Mid-Autumn Festival was all about? As the stories were told, a brave young man fell in love with a young and gorgeous woman only to have been separated from her lover. As time goes by, it becomes a festival for the harvest. We celebrate with our family and friends while feasting and eating mooncakes as dessert. Now, while that is said, if you enter Chocolate and wine in the google search, there are tons of articles that come out. Combining the Chocolate and Wine However, for this Mid-Autumn Festival, let us soak in the feeling a little bit better. We are almost at pre-pandemic periods when everything was about the same and the feeling of getting back together has never been better. Wine and chocolate create chemistry like no other. As we mentioned before, there are no better ways to gather people together and have a feast. Dinners create a whole orchestra of feelings and sounds. Elevating our Senses   Think about the music that plays, the chatter around the house, and the glasses clinking as we laugh among friends and family. What about the aroma of the lovely bakes or that oven-roasted chicken that has just finished cooking as the sauce drips over its delicate brownish skin? Let’s also talk about the beautiful décor, the candles on the table, the presentation of the food served on delicious plates So I will leave you with some chocolate and wine quotes I live on a hybrid mode- that’s chocolate and wine There are a few things to live for, Chocolate, wine and sisters. They are all lovely. Wine and chocolate brings the greatest adventures- because no good story ever started with a salad I am very certain that you will have more quotes that you would like to have but you get the picture. Get your chocolate mooncakes and red wine this year. There are many reasons why we give mooncakes and in today’s world, we look for the best-looking boxes to impress. We are blessed to work with the best to give you a value that can never be replaced. This is filled with the best wine as well as the 2 delicious scrumptious chocolate mooncakes that goes along to suit this year from our shop.  

National Day Promotion: Celebrate with Singapore

  August plays a very special part in our hearts. It always makes us a little more patriotic and our hearts seem to burn with some desire to be better citizens of our country. Supermarkets continuously play National Day songs on loop and we see our HDB flats painted in Singapore flags. We here at Marco's Cellar share how we can celebrate with Singapore.   Visiting family and friends   National Day seems like a good excuse to go pay a visit to that one cousin or to the family that you rarely get a chance to meet. Nothing like sitting down, having a few drinks, and getting the food in the belly! We often take for granted the things that could have been, but we often procrastinate. Nevertheless, this year, we can take this time to plan a Tuesday visit to spend a day with them. If you are feeling hungry, there is a special pizza promotion at www.pizzahut.com.sg  where it has an amazing 57% off promo for 10 days only! Use code SGBDAY57 for this year's National Day Promotion. Let your hearts light up with fireworks as you see the fireworks as a family. Catching the Fireworks How about a nice view of the fireworks? That’s right! As we observe those luminous lights go up in the Singapore night sky. For some of us who are unable to get tickets for the National Day Parade, there are a variety of locations at designated heartlands where you can experience a spectacle of fireworks. www.ndp.gov.sg breaks down all the information that will bring you the fireworks and carnivals. In a nutshell, here are the locations where the fireworks display in the heartlands are situated. Central Open Field Next to Ang Mo Kio Library North-East Former Tampines JC North-West Woodlands Stadium South-West Jurong West Stadium South-East Bedok Stadium The fireworks start from 8;!5 to 8:25 and if you are entering the former Tampines JC, you would to enter by 6:15pm. Please ensure that you are vaccinated to enter and avoid bringing bulky things so that it is also not leceh. For a full list of activities, do visit www.ndp.gov.sg for the full information.     How about taking a leap of faith?   Ed Sheeran has a special segment in a concert where he allows anyone to do something special. Whether it is proposing or something very intimate, members of the audience usually take this moment to seize the opportunity. As we celebrate the nation’s birthday, let us take that leap of faith into doing something exciting in our lives. There is nothing that can keep us from creating new memories and sharing new stories this year. Every celebration deserves a wine because every wine tells your story. This August we are all in celebrations with wine options that cannot be resisted. Visit us at www.marcoscellar.com to find out this year's National Day Promotion! Here is to wishing all of you a Happy August and taking this moment to celebrate with each other.           

56 Uniquely Singaporean Things

  Happy 56th birthday, Singapore! Here’s 56 uniquely Singaporean things that we love about our country. 1. Chicken Rice From Tian Tian Chicken Rice to Loy Kee and Boon Tong Kee, our national dish is the beloved Chicken Rice. If these 3 are not the best, We bet there is one on your list that tops the list. Succulent Roasted chicken on a plate of garlic rice dashed with a special garlic chili. Mmm Mmm, what’s there not to like? 2. Fish Head Curry A whole lotta love for the fish head curry, cooked in a few styles either with or without coconut milk. It’s your choice! The aroma is definitely out of this world. 3. Singapore Style Ramen Ever heard of The Noodle Story at Amoy Street Food Centre? This place whips up a perfect blend of Japanese Char Shu together with a nice mee kia style noodle with fried wontons and a cooking technique that makes you salivate. 4. Briyani The many smells of Briyani have triggered our palates. From Dum Briyani to the classic chicken, fish, mutton and whatever we can think of. Let’s not forget, there are also vegetarian options to cater to all. Fun Fact: There is no correct spelling for Briyani, come call it Biryani because of its respect to the urdu roots. 5. Murtaburger An absolute beast of 2 worlds. Murtabak and a burger. That’s right, the murtaburger has been available at The Springleaf Prata Place for quite some time now. Located at The Rail Mall, it has a wide variety of prata’s available such as the alfredo prata, eggs benedict prata and many more wacky combinations. 6. Lobster Nasi Lemak Lobster plus Nasi Lemak. Such an interesting combination but are you willing to fork out more than $20 for this? Well some people are and that is what makes our local cuisine such a fancy little treat! 7. Truffle A huge craze for truffle has recently been surging everything from potato chips to pasta! There is simply no stopping Singaporeans for going on a truffle fiesta. Psst… Have you heard of the Har Cheong Gai Burger with TRUFFLE floss fries? 8. Claypot Hokkien Mee Go down to Toa Payoh Lorong 4 and you will be faced with a giant claypot filled with hokkien mee and pork belly. Simply irresistible. Visit Kim Keat Hokkien Mee for a true feast. 9. Salted Egg Anything Chips, Pork ribs, chicken and even Fish and Chips. The Salted egg craze hits home with all Singaporeans. 10. BBQ Stingray Ahh a long time favourite for those of us who hit the hawker centre. Served on a hotplate, sprinkled with some raw onions and a healthy dose of sambal. 11. Kaya Toast and Eggs One of our favourite default Singaporean breakfasts. The classic kaya toast and soft boiled eggs with some soya sauce can never go wrong with a hearty cup of kopi or tea. 12. Prata Late night supper or morning breakfast. These can be the best time to eat some fluffy prata. Eat with curry or sugar? That’s your prerogative. 13. Laksa Katong Laksa is one of the famous hunts among Singapaorean cuisine. While we have our own favourite version of laksa, we can all agree that it packs a good punch. 14. Local Desserts Suitable for any hot or cold day, our local dessert has come a loooooong way. Ice-cream on top of a shaved mountain of ice dressed in red, green, and yellow syrup. We are all happy to slurp down some ice-kacang on a hot day. That accompanied by a whole range of local fare desserts, there is something in store for everyone. 15. I don’t friend you already Primary School favourites, when a friend betrays you. This line comes up. “I don’t friend you already! 16. Ordering Hot drinks using 3 or more languages Teh C Kosong Peng, Kopi O Siew Dai- a mixture of cantonese, malay, chinese, and if you add the please, we have it in english. Just do not order Coke Gak Tai. 17. Atas Also known as upperty or uppertan or someone who might live or attempt to live the High SES lifestyle. 18.Eye-power Very common in your SAF camp. 1 person does work and everyone else looks at him/her doing work. While it was learnt inside camp, it still applies to the world today. 19. Rabak Can be used as jialat as well. However, sometimes Rabak gives it more oomph. 20. Yaya Papaya Sometimes, we take a look at some people walking around Orchard Road or it could also be in our class or workplace. This person can also be classified as a showoff. 21. Ah see run some more la run some more! Every asian child has come across this before. We start running immediately as we begin to walk and this continues for a long period of time until we all fall down and then our parents both go “Ah see run some more la, run some more!” 22. Bojio Same thing as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This is when one of us felt left out when something trendy is in place or when our friends go out without calling us. 23. Wah lau eh Can be used for a multitude of expressions. In concern, in anger, in shock. One expression transcending many expressions 24. Sway Bad luck! Wah very sway or sibei sway sia. Somewhat of a slang that can be manipulated in anger, unfortunate circumstances or when we miss that 4D prize! 25. Gennermen or Gentlemen! Very popular amongst Enciks and Sergeants. Eh Gennermen, tomorrow we go do one time SOC, then we call it a day can onot! Gennermen I can’t hear yall! 26. Lah/ Loh Yes we do have good english campaign’s but when we meet our friends and family, we give all that back loh. 27. Kaypoh Kaypoh or otherwise known as being nosy is one of those things that Singaporeans love. I mean c’mon if there’s a long queue, some of us will be in for sure! 28. Alamak Alamak! When we make a mistake, run late, drop something or when we are are pissed about something. We go Alamak! 29. Queueing “Eh, there’s a queue leh, must be something good right?” If there’s a queue somewhere, we always assume it’s something good – or, to be precise, worth the queue. 30. Seat ‘Chope’ Culture If you’re a foreigner visiting Singapore for the first time, hello to you! Fret not when you see packets of tissue wipes (as well as other personal belongings such as a name card, a lanyard, an umbrella, etc) on the shared tables and chairs at our hawker centres and food courts. They are nothing but merely a passive-aggressive way to tell you that “THIS TABLE IS TAKEN”. 31. Always On The Lookout For Lottery Numbers Some of us are always passively waiting for a windfall. For instance, we make out numbers from patterns on Luo Han fish (Flowerhorn fish) even though they are merely just coloured scales. 32. Chewing Gum Ban If you’re an avid fan of chewing gum, you’ll find yourself writhing in your seat right now. Singapore is the ONLY country in the world that has banned chewing gum. The reason is simple: to keep our nation clean. And really, the locals and tourists do see the effect alike! 33. Calling Everyone ‘Auntie’ & ‘Uncle’ Every Singaporean greets a person significantly older than them as either ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’, even if they are related by blood or not. This is simply local colloquialism and is seen as a polite or friendly greeting… Unless you start greeting someone that’s just 5 years older than you by that! 34. Always Keeping To The Left Of Escalators This is an unspoken rule among the locals here. If you’re not in a rush, you will naturally keep to the left of the escalator. Stand on the right and you’ll risk turning around to see annoyed faces staring at you! 35. Durians It’s either a YES or NO. No in-betweens. 36. Otterly Famous Otters Otters have undoubtedly carved out a name for themselves for being so ridiculously cute! They can be found around our country – mainly near nature reserves, but sometimes they can even be seen within housing estates like Bishan! 37. No Winter? Snow Worries Despite being a tropical island, we have a place for Singaporeans to keep cool – that is the Snow City. They use atomised water frozen with liquid nitrogen to simulate very fine snowflakes. 38. Fastest Walkers On Earth We don’t know where we’re heading to, but we sure are the fastest walkers on earth according to a research done by the British Council. If you see any fast walkers outside of Singapore, they’re mostly like to be a Singaporean! 39. Complain Kings We complain about everything. 40. Limited Consumption Of Alcohol No consumption of alcohol between 10:30PM and 7AM is allowed in our public spaces. This is to improve our country’s safety! So why not pop a bottle of wine from Marco’s Cellar and drink responsibly at home? 😉 41. Planning Travel Routes To Avoid ERPs The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is our government’s way of tolling the roads here, in efforts to manage road congestion. Drivers here will find a way to avoid going through the ERP, even if it means that their journey will take a little longer than usual! 42. Acronyms We use acronyms for everything. Expressways, brands, whatever – you name it! 43. Food Vendors Calling Everyone Handsome/Beautiful Don’t be overly-flattered when you get called ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful’ by a food vendor at a food court or hawker centre… They call everyone the same thing! 44. Clean Nation Singapore is known as the Garden City, and this vision was introduced by the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew in 1967 to transform Singapore into a city with lush greenery and a clean environment. Bins can be seen everywhere – just look out for the iconic green bins! 45. ‘Fine’ City There is a fine tagged to almost everything. From littering to smoking in unauthorised places and more, watch out for what you do here! 46. Our Currency Notes Are Unique Our national anthem is written on the back of our S$1,000 note. 47. We Have The World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall Housed in Jewel Changi Airport, the Rain Vortex is the tallest indoor waterfall that stands at a whopping 40 metres high. It looks really magnificent, and feels super cooling too! 48. BUBBLETEA. ‘Nuff said. We love our bubbletea and there’s no stopping us. 49. Our National Language Is Malay You didn’t know that, right? However, the de facto national language is English. 50. Staycations When there’s nothing else to do in Singapore, we turn to staycations. No traveling, no problem. 51. Bipolar Weather If it rains today, chances are it may be blazing the next. 52. Racial Harmony Our 4 main races are: Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. And we all live harmoniously together in Singapore! 53. National Day Parades Our yearly National Day Parade on 9 August is always a spectacle to behold. 54. Convenient We live on a little island, so nowhere here is too far from us! 55. Ease Of Transportation There are train stations and bus stops everywhere, which will get you to your destination in no time. 56. We Love Singapore Because It’s Our Home Simple as that.

Dad’s The Spirit

  He is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero. Most of the time, he is the strongest pillar of the household – yet there are also other father figures out there whom, like our dads, put on different hats to be there for us no matter the occasion. ‘Tis the day to celebrate our fathers, single parents, teachers, coaches, and whoever that has inspired you in a way that no one else has ever done. We’re going to look at our top 5 movies that feature these lionhearts. Note that there might be spoilers ahead! 1. FINDING NEMO Finding Nemo. Picture credit: Pixar.   This is a classic that most kids from the 90s should know. If you don’t, shame on you 👉👈. While it may just be a movie about clownfish, the emotions portrayed by single dad Marlin throughout the movie to search for Nemo are heart wrenching to watch. Just because fishes lack faces like ours, we assume their mask-like features mean they do not experience any feelings. But did you know, on the contrary, they are sentient creatures with capacities to feel? You’re welcome. 2. THE LION KING The Lion King. Picture credit: Disney.   “It means no worries, for the rest of your days…” Did you sing along to Hakuna Matata as we typed that out? Because oh yes we did. It’s also safe to say that none of us walked away from this movie without shedding a tear or two. The bond between Mufasa and Simba in the movie is undeniably strong as he saves his son in exchange for his life. It was revealed by Rafiki, Mufasa’s shaman and advisor, that he never left Simba’s life – instead, his spirit continued living on strongly in him. How lions show their affection for one another is by rubbing their heads against each other’s – one lion bends its head down towards the head, neck, or most often, under the chin of the other lion, and nuzzles up to it. 3. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS The Pursuit of Happyness.   Based on the true story of Chris Gardner, the movie portrays how Chris (starred by Will Smith) secretly struggles with being a single dad and homelessness for almost a year. None of his coworkers realised that he and his son were homeless during this period of time – he scrambled often to place his son in daycare, stood in soup kitchens and slept wherever both of them could find safety. Places like his office, parks, airports, public transport and flophouses became his ever-changing homes. Despite all the hardship he went through, Chris pulled through, persevered, and went on to establish his own brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co. Never give up, kids. :’) 4. DADDY DAY CARE Daddy Day Care.   Daddies + children = chaos. Need we say more? Watch how the idea of running a daycare centre turns from the issue of financial constraints to a full-fledged business idea. 5. TAKEN The most popular line of the show.   How far would a father go to save their child’s life? Liam Neeson gives you his answer in Taken when his daughter and her best friend get kidnapped in France by human traffickers. Needless to say, the movie kept us on the edge of our seat the whole time – we shan’t say more. Watch the movie to find out how it all unfolds… That wraps up our list for today. What are your favourite movies involving father figures? Stream one and watch it with your dad and family tonight! Don’t show him love and concern on just Father’s Day alone, let him know that you love him every other day too.