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Bodegas Terras Gauda La Mar 2019

White Wine from Rías Baixas- Galicia, Spain


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Spring 2018 was rainy, with low minimum temperatures that continued into the first third of the summer. In August, there was a notable increase in temperatures coming in the farm of two heatwaves at the start and middle of the month, the first one recording the highest maximum temperature seen in the last twenty years. These conditions resulted in sorne dehydration of the grapes in the most exposed areas, reducing the final weight of the harvest. However, the impact was attenuated thanks to the altitude of our plot of Caiño destined far La Mar and to sorne propitious, but not very heavy, rainfall a few days befare the harvest. The balance shown by the grapes at the time of their picking resulted in a wine with a strong personality and delicate aromas of ripe fruit set off by the wine’s typical mineral character.

Tasting Notes: Even though we know that the Caiño is the varietal best able to extract the finest qualities from our terroir, we are still surprised by how many these qualities show through in the wine. The schist soil, the nearby sea and the mild climate of the O Rosal V alley can ali be detected, revealing themselves through perceptible aromas of earth and broken rock with surprising saline and iodine nuances. It also, of course, shows fruit, here in the farm of ripe aromas of peach and pineapple with hints of cantaloupe melon. The aromatic trajectory comes to a subtle close with enveloping creamy notes created by the wine’s contact with the lees.

Although it is already surprising and unique in terms of aromas, it is outstanding on the palate. There is no hint of shyness even on the first contact with the palate. From the outset it is juicy, sweet and voluptuous, giving the wine a lovely enveloping character. It fills the mouth with its unctuousness, yet remains soft and fresh thanks to its excellent acidity, which also contributes to its impressive capacity far aging. This is a big wine with a never-ending finish.

Food Pairing: Its high acidity makes it a perfect pairing for fish and seafood, but its powerful body and volume enlarges its pairing range to stews or roasted meats, and spiced or slightly spicy hot dishes.

Additional Information

Additional information




R?as Baixas- Galicia

Grape Varieties:

98% Cai?o, 2% Albari?o y Loureiro

Wine Type:

White Wine





Alcohol by Volume:



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