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Wine and Cake Pairing

Most ladies have a sweet tooth, unlike men – this is why the stereotype of ‘women swoon over a piece of chocolate cake and men could go through their entire lives without it so long as they have a beer and a hunk of meat’. How do you pair a slice of decadent cake with a glass of aromatic wine? Do it right and you will realize that both of them goes well with each other, like a piece of jigsaw fitting into a whole big picture.

1. Cheesecake goes well with Gewürztraminer or Riesling wine, or other aromatic wines which will only enhance, and not mask the flavor of the cheese.

2. Chocolate cakes go well with rich Port wine or sherry, or other fortified wines that have a nutty flavour to it.

3. Coconut cakes, with its delicate and mild flavour, goes well with a glass of sparkling wine. Although both the cake and wine are sweet, it does not give you the sickening feeling of an overload of sweetness; instead, it gives you a whole new experience on your wine palate.

4. Lemon cakes go well with sauvignon blanc, as the contrast of the tartness and the sweetness complements each other perfectly.

5. Pineapple cakes go well with sweet white wine. White wines usually carry notes of pineapples, white peaches and apples, providing a full-bodied palate that leaves you wanting even more.


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