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Why is self love so important and how do we do it?

“No one can make you inferior without your consent- Eleanor Roosevelt” Most of us who live in a fast paced Singapore understand and acknowledge that we have a 92% stress rate according to the 360 Cigma survey done in 2019. Let us discover some methods of self care and why it is so important to us. In Singapore, the Ministry of Health’s data revealed that US$931 million is spent on stress-related incidences at the hospitals with 11 million appointments made with General Practitioners (GPs).


Many say that you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. If we really stop to think about it, it makes perfect sense! In a pandemic-stricken environment, we suddenly realise that the health of the mind and body has become essential in our lives.


How often do we beat ourselves up when we make a mistake? The perfectionist mindset in our lives chips off our self-worth. Following which, we spiral into false thoughts of self-worth and our self-esteem is next to none. The United Nations (UN) also encourages that the pursuit of happiness is a basic fundamental human goal which we cannot take for granted.


The approach to self-love and compassion comes in 3 components.

1. Practicing self-forgiveness
2. Accepting that people are not perfect
3. Mindfulness (accepting what has been done, acknowledging it and using it as a testimony for others despite the pain)


1. Meditation and Yoga

When choosing to do yoga, you are choosing self-love. In an act of vulnerability, you are choosing your mind and body over ego. You are also choosing to be comfortable in your own skin despite the adversities. Keeping your mind focused on the different poses while stretching your muscles to increase flexibility. A wide range of yoga studios or independent yoga instructors is ready at your finger tips.

2. Indulging in your favourite food

Steak, dim sum, surf and turf, pizza, or even some local delights. Well, when was the last time you actually sat down to really enjoy your favourite dishes or meal? Lunch hour at work for some can really be a quick “Makan and Go” concept. Sometimes, there is just simply no time for enjoying meals. This Valentine’s Day, let’s do things differently and try to sit down and be immersed in the moment.

3. Drinking Wine

Ahhh! Time to sip that wine! Drinking in moderation or as a sign of love for your significant other or family members can always be a good thing. There is nothing like unwinding from a day at work, opening that bottle of wine and resting your feet. Forget your phone, forget your emails, forget the noise in your life and raise your glass to a bottle of wine or two just for yourself. Not sure what to get? We got a fine selection of lovely wines that are chosen just for this occasion. Whether it is a gift for yourself, a gift for a long-lost friend, your significant other, or even your crush. There is nothing like wine that can put a smile on anyone’s face.

4. Going on an adventure

We cannot travel yet exactly. However, have you ever considered a private yacht charter that takes you to one of the islands in Singapore?

There is also the possibility of taking a hike at MacRitchie Reservoir, or if you are feeling the need for speed, you can also visit Sentosa’s AJ Hackett for a bungee jump or take the Ifly at Sentosa! There is always the Megazip or choosing one of the many trails along the Bukit Timah area. Oof, did we also mention the Rail Corridor and Clementi Forest? Getting our adrenaline up for a fun filled day of activities is no doubt a whole lot of fun! We can always spice up our Valentine’s Day date with a picnic at the appropriate areas. has picked out perfect picnic spots for you to choose from.

5. Watching a Movie

A big bowl of popcorn and you can catch the latest Netflix series. Countless movie genres and series to soak your movie spirit in. Prepare to binge-watch new movies. Let’s not forget that other platforms such as Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video can also do the trick. Nothing like just kicking back and taking time out to destress and add some television screening time. This Valentine’s Day, there is no shortage of romantic comedies for you to treat yourself to.

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