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How have you been drinking your Cognacs?

ABK6 — a prestigious cognac hailing from France has had many of our friends falling head over heels in love with it. Today, to enable you to revel further with our ABK6, we will be sharing with you a few ways of savouring this magnificent cognac.

1. Adding Ice Cubes

This is the most common way of drinking cognac. Not only does it dilute and lower its alcoholic content, it also helps to augment the fragrance of the cognac. However, do take note of the water to cognac ratio; the recommended ratio is 1 part water to 3 parts cognac. Adding an excessive amount of water will drown out the cognac’s aromatic compounds.

2. Cocktails

Cocktails comprising of cognac are extremely popular and highly raved about at all bars that you go to. These cocktails are usually made from young fruity VS and VSOPs, like our ABK6. When you play around with cognac and mix it up with different mixers you will realize that they taste drastically different each time, which will always leave you feeling pleasantly surprised. These are two of the most commonly seen cognac cocktails that are extremely fool-proof to make (you can even make them at the comfort of your home)!

Cognac + Coke

Pour 4–6ml of ABK6 VSOP, then fill your glass with ice cubes and add half a glass of coke and a considerable amount of citrusy orange juice. Gently stir the mixture and add more coke to it. You may add a dash of orange zest to garnish your drink.

Cognac + Lime & Ginger Juice

Extract the juices of a lime as well as from a fresh piece of ginger, and add to it 4ml of ABK6 VSOP, some ice cubes and 6ml of lemon-lime fizz. Finally, you may add strips of fresh and succulent cucumbers to garnish your drink.

3. Pairing Cognac with Dishes

Cognac goes well with decadent food — which is a match made in heaven. The sophisticated notes and delicately-bodied wine is extremely suitable for a vast variety of dishes ranging from meat, seafood to fungus. For our ABK6 VSOP, we recommend pairing it with fishes and shellfishes and for our ABK6 XO, we recommend pairing it with dishes that are more rich in flavour, such as beef and fungus.

4. Pairing Cognac with Chocolate and Cigars

This combination is a French after-meal classic. Do not be spoilt by choices between having to decide on a:

– Mild-bodied cigar paired with a light and young cognac, or;

– Full-bodied cigar paired with a vintage cognac.

You can have the best of both worlds by alternating each choice occasionally, depending on your mood. You can also enjoy a glass of vintage cognac with rich and luscious chocolate. Our ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur is extremely suitable to be paired with cigars, chocolates and fruits.

Different pairing methods allow you to experience cognacs in a different light. The tastes changes accordingly to what you pair with it and whichever pairing you pick will always leave you feeling refreshed.

After reading this article, are you excited to try out these methods we mentioned above?


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