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Going all out for Christmas Celebrations

Matthew Ng a certified sommelier in Asia’s Inaugural Court of Master Sommelier has had diverse experiences in the Hospitality industry and held several leadership roles in establishing and repositioning well-known Hotels including Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and Galaxy Macau provides his input on how we can make full use of our Christmas celebrations.

2020 has redefined the way we celebrate grand occasions.

Qn: Christmas is coming, what are some of your favorite moments in the Christmas Celebrations?

Christmas has gone beyond from a religious celebration. It has evolved to be an important and meaningful occasion of gathering of family and friends. For my family, gathering over a meal is quintessential as it allows us to bond and take time to catch up. In short, it is a moment for sharing and encouragement.

Qn: How can we prepare a delicious Christmas Celebration at home and spice things up?

Traditionally a Honey Baked Ham, Ribs or Turkey are prepared. Given the busy lifestyle of Singaporeans, these dishes are readily available from a gourmet shop, restaurant and supermarket. What I would encourage, is to give some thought on a selection of wines for varied tastes. A bubbly like a Prosecco Spumante to start is always a safe bet.

Qn: Let’s talk about cocktails- what kind of Christmas cocktails can we serve?

One of the most traditional cocktails served is mulled wine. Ingredients are readily available and very easy to make.

Qn: Any words of advice when shopping for food or groceries for Christmas?

Panettone, a traditional Italian bread originating from Milan, is a family favorite. You can choose various flavors i.e. Chocolate, Orange Peel or assorted fruits. A Moscato d’AstiElvio Cogno is a lovely match.

Be adventurous when considering the food to offer. For example, while chestnut is a traditional western ingredient, consider adding it to braised poultry for an Asian twist. Chestnut lends sweetness and nuttiness to the dish.

You can choose to pair it with a Pinotage or Shiraz from Cape Dreams.

Lastly and most importantly, end the evening with a glass of Nikka whisky or port for sweet-endings.


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