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ABK6 — The Single Estates Cognacs for new generation drinkers!

ABK6 is a Single Estate Cognac range produced entirely on the Abécassis family estate in France. Francis Abécassis launched ABK6 in 2006 to appeal to a younger audience than those of traditional cognacs. ABK6 got its name when used by Francis’s young daughter Elodié as an abbreviated sign-off in text messages. The name stuck and seven years later, at 25 years old, Elodié Abécassis heads the business with her father. It is originally pronounced as “Ah-bay-ka-cease”.

ABK6 offers a modern Cognac suitable for a new generation of dark spirit consumers. Original and elegant, the exclusive bottle shape asserts its modernity with its marked shoulders. At the same time, ABK6 remains deeply respectful of the Cognac region’s traditions and is intransigent about its quality.

The award winning Cognacs!

The Abécassis family has been distilling wine into spirit for over a century and Cognacs up to 70 yrs old are to be discovered in their cellars. The blends reach exceptional smoothness thanks to a selection of these very old eaux-de-vie. Over the past eight years, 26 medals have been awarded to ABK6: an indication of the indisputable quality of ABK6 Cognacs. Domaines ABK6 also received a trophy in 2010 at the International Spirit Challenge in London: The “Excellence in Craftsmanship” award celebrates the company for the know-how and the quality of the work established on the estate, from the vineyard to the glass of cognac.

Blending “eaux-de-vie” from a Single Estate gives these Cognacs inimitable character and depth. In order to fully realise the potential of the fruit of the terroir, each step of the production is carried out on site by a highly qualified team whose members fulfill their tasks with great skill and a passion for the finished Cognac.

Some of the ABK6 Cognac range…

The ABK6 range includes ABK6 Cognac Liberté, ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac, ABK6 Cognac Extra, ABK6 VSOP, ABK6 VS Pure Singel Cognac, ABK6 Ice Cognac and ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur.

The unique ABK6 Honey Cognac Liqueur has an elegant, yet modern look to it. When poured into a glass, you see that the Honey Cognac has a lovely pale golden colour. Soft and smooth to begin, Honey Cognachas a subtle notes of floral hues from both the honey and the Cognac : jasmine, violet, honeysuckle and rose petals. Then come the warm and delicate sensations of spice and candied orange. These perfumes blend with woody vanilla and toffee. We absolutely likes drinking ABK6 Honey Cognac on the rocks. ABK6 Honey Cognac can also be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail with ginger and sparkling water.

After all these information, if you are interested, you may visit our e-commerce store or Qoo10 to purchase your bottle of ABK6 goodness!



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