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A little gift goes a long way; Tug at his heartstrings this Father’s day!

A father is a person who will stop at nothing to give his children a fulfilling life. He may not perform extraordinary feats to prove his fatherly love but his simple gestures will convince you how much he loves you. He may not be that expressive with his love through words or gifts but actions speak louder than words. The worry lines crease his forehead when he is unable to fulfill your wishes. The teary eyes that normally do not appear or the punishments you received due to your mischief, all speak of love.

“A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”

Fathers are most of the time breadwinners for the family, and they always tend to bury their worries deep inside their hearts so that their families do not have to worry about anything.

Your father, however tough he may be on the outside, is a soft-hearted man. He requires to be showered with love just as much as you require it. On this very Father’s Day, break down the barriers of awkwardness and express yourself genuinely. With a meaningful Father’s Day gift, you can reach out to him and tug at his heartstrings

“A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love”

To celebrate Father’s Day, Marco’s Cellar will be introducing a special bundle deal promotion where your dad and you can indulge and spend some time to bond together.

For a good bonding session with your dad! Yes, your dad deserves only the best! Today, treat your dad to this lovely bundle deal and spend some quality time together~

You can get all of that at a steal at only $200! What are you waiting for? Grab yours today.

To all our fellow Myanmar customers, we have got a little something for you too!

Simply purchase a set of our Cape Dreams Chenin Blanc, Pinotage and Merlot to be entitled to a free bottle of Selected Red Blend!

This is such a great deal that can’t be missed! Indulge in these bottles of goodness with your dad this Father’s day~

Valid till 30th June.


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